An immersive end of the world party at the rave-considered venue Motion in Bristol. I created a site specific 360 design, allowing all 27 actors to socially distance and party on through the entire play.
I designed 4 projection screens, built with industrial scaffolding, to change between front projection and backlighting. 
The use of colour washed backlighting, creates distorted dancing silhouettes of the actors, when we are not on the main dancefloor on the main stage. This allows the sense of the party continuing further on than the immediate space.
The use of front projection and psychedelic video design enhances the already enchanting and dystopian party we have found ourselves at.
The 'heart of the performance' is the 3m projection sphere, allowing the audience to feel the threatening glow of the pre-solar flaring sun.
Finally, the renaissance apocalyptic paintings insinuate the removal of value to relics and the respect to our previous fathers of thought.

Vectorworks 3D Animation

1:50 scale model

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